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shipping and
yacht agency in albania

Our Service

we offer our service for passenger ships and Crusier ship, yacht's, saling boat .

Yacht’s, saling boat

We offer service for yacht’s and saling boat , we offer a lot of choies for you , to make you happy and your staning comfortable, to minimize cost

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what we do

Marinero Shipping & yacht Agency
works 24 hrs round the clock and 7 days a week in order to provide the best services

Tanker LNG LPG

Tanker , LNG, LPG loading /unloading operation at PIA( petrolifer italo – albanese) terminal

Cargo ship’s

cement in bulk, Palets-Sling, Steel Buid , Stone Tablets, wheat , lime bitumen asphalt loding / unloading operation realize at Vlora Port

Cruiser ship’s

Cruiser ship’s in used east Pier at Vlora Port , Himara Port, Porto Palermo Himare .

Yacht’s, saling boat

Yacht’s, saling boat –Vlora Port , Marina orkum ( Private Port ), Himare, Port Palermo .

Our services.

We offer service for all the ship’s


Shipping and Forwarding Agency.

Pilot and line

Pilot and line handling services for all ships which we are agent of..


Berthing, completion of Custom's operation, Immigration, Port.


Loading / discharging attendance.and other work

Ship's supply

Ship's supply services, provisions, fresh water.

Lubricant supplyy

Lubricant supply, only if in stock locally.


Garbage removal.

Medical facilities

To arrange adequate medical facilities for officers & ratings; crew change

Diving support

Diving support and service

Ship's clearance

Ship's clearance and sailing formalities on time in order to avoid loss of time

Custom clearance

Custom clearance for spare parts / accessories

Motorboat and cars

Motorboat and car
service .


bunkering duty free VAT 0%


Guide Tours and tours

Yacht’s charter

Yacht’s charter

Organize rregatta

Organize rregatta

Our Team Member

Operator 1


00 355 68 80 44 929


Operator 2


00 355 69 61 38 969

  • About us - we are a maritime agency established in 2000, of a specialist in the processing of liquid cargo in all Albanian ports and cargo loads.

  • Marinero - for several years and we offer our service for passenger ships and Crusier ship, yacht's, saling boat ect. for all passenger ships, yacht, boat saling we offer and tourist guides also arrange and reggata.

  • Our objective - Our primary objective is to facilitate your work, minimizing the economic costs, time,. and a comfortable stay


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Radio VHF -

Harbor Master Vlora Channel - 12 VHF
Port Agent Channel - 15 VHF
Pilot Channel - 10 VHF
Marina Orikum Channel - 57 VHF
Himar Port - 12 VHF

Tel -

Operator 1: 00 355 68 80 44 929
Operator 2: 00 355 69 61 38 969
Land Line :
00 355 33 400 001
00 355 33 408 844

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